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Evidence-Based Education

At Designs for Health, education serves as a brand pillar, integral to our mission of Designing a Well World™. In support of that mission and our commitment to excellence in education, we’ve developed a robust portfolio of evidence-based educational content, resources, events, and initiatives to bring the latest in research and science to our healthcare practitioner customers.

This work is never complete, as we continually strive to foster and translate the knowledge of nutrition science, dietary supplementation, integrative health, functional medicine, and clinical application in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Empowering through Education

A focus on natural medicine and educational services, eventually led to the family decision to develop a practitioner-only line of nutritional supplements. Relying on science-based nutritional solutions as well as educational support, the company’s motto then became — and still remains today— “Science First. Empower the Practitioner. Education is key.”

Live Events, Webinars + Recordings – Educational

Join Designs for Health for educational webinars and events on the hottest topics and latest advances in functional natural medicine. You can access the latest events and the recordings to previous webinars by clicking below.

Practice Building Webinars + Recordings

Access vital business building and patient relationship management and practice building tools from a group of industry experts, as well as your health care practitioner community.

Nutrient Roundtable

Join members of our science advisory team, for regular discussions focusing on the clinical applications of Designs for Health products. Conducted in an interactive format, each podcast has been pre-recorded and explores clinically relevant topics in greater detail.

CASI Short Talks

Our Clinical and Scientific Insights in Functional and Lifestyle Medicine (CASI) is a new symposium format for you to hear the key “clinical and scientific insights” from all of the CASI Symposium presenters in short, TED-style talks. Then, each presenter takes you on a deep dive into their topic with a full-length presentation.

Natural Medicine Blogs and Articles

Access our latest nutritional notes, science updates and research and education blogs and articles from the team of Designs for Health industry experts and our Designs for Health practitioner community.

White Papers

Access and download copies of white papers for our full product range.

Become a Designs for Health Practitioner

Access our practitioner only, science-based nutritional formulas, education and gain insights from leading industry experts, clinical updates, webinars and product and technical training.

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