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OMX LogoOMX Metabolomics Course with Dr Oscar Coetzee.

Gain in-depth knowledge to evaluate and interpret the OMX Test.

Get to know a patient’s larger health picture through urine metabolites—including organic acids, amino acids, and other key compounds. Gain insights into a patient’s metabolic pathways, revealing their unique Metabolic Signature.

This course provides training for integrative and functional medical practitioners looking to explore their patients’ metabolic profiles as well as deep insights into the root causes causing chronic illnesses.

The OMX test is brought to you by Designs for Health Australia in partnership with Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory.

You will learn from Dr Oscar Coetzee, who considers there is no better way to do this from a metabolomic standpoint other than using the OMX test.

Understanding the Power of the Metabolomic Test

A metabolomic test studies the metabolites of a cell, organism, or tissue. These are very small biochemical structures used and produced by the body during daily activities. By analysing these small molecules, you can identify a person’s individual signature and see their problems in biochemistry well before standard blood work or tests can show abnormalities or findings. These insights support the prevention of disease, not the determination of somebody having a disease.