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2024 Practitioner Live Event


Australian and New Zealand Tour
with Dr Oscar Coetzee

2024 Practitioner Live Event


Australian and New Zealand Tour with Dr Oscar Coetzee

Gain New Clinical Skills for Mental Health Care

Meet Dr Oscar Coetzee…

The Psychobiotic Revolution is Here

Discover the groundbreaking psychobiotic protocols harnessing gut-brain pathways for unprecedented mental health treatment. Now you can position yourself at the forefront of this emerging science.

A Breakthrough Opportunity for Health Practitioners

Mental health issues are surging at an alarming and epidemic rate, exacerbated by the post-pandemic environment. As practitioners, we face growing challenges in addressing this crisis.

You’ve likely noticed the steep rise in anxiety, depression, and other disorders in our community. Current Australian statistics indicate mental illness is very common – with one in five Australians aged 16-85 experiencing a mental health condition annually.

These aren’t just numbers; they represent individuals relying on us for support.

      • Are you seeing the rising tide of mental health issues in your practice?
      • Do you need support to find effective individualised treatments and protocols for your patients?
      • Are you wondering how to turn the tide of this epidemic?

Join Dr Oscar Coetzee and his groundbreaking masterclass, “Mental Wellness Reimagined.

The internationally renowned clinician and researcher will unveil cutting-edge techniques to improve patient outcomes in this transformative event. With over 30 years of expertise from five continents, Dr Coetzee will tackle this crisis head-on – arming practitioners on the front lines with proven tools and resources for creating lasting change.

This masterclass integrates psychology, nutraceuticals, and functional testing into a comprehensive approach to mental healthcare. Together, we’ll redefine mental wellness using the latest advances in clinical practice. You’ll gain access to cutting-edge protocols and evidence-based strategies to develop your clinical resources and treatment approach.

You’ll emerge renewed, armed, and empowered to achieve the breakthroughs you know are possible.

Join Dr Coetzee and hundreds of your peers. You will participate in wonder as mental healthcare gets reimagined before your eyes.

Your patients are waiting – reserve your spot today!

This exclusive educational event is open to all DFH-registered practitioners. If you are not registered click here to register now.

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Dr Oscar Coetzee Shares His Experience…
and a New Approach to Mental Health

“As a fellow professional who has journeyed from criminal psychology to a holistic and functional approach to healthcare, I’ve gathered groundbreaking insights and strategies I am eager to share with you.
This Masterclass delves into “psycho-nutrigenomics” – a triad linking psychology, nutrition, and genomics crucial for modern mental health.”
~ Dr Coetzee

Mental Wellness Reimagined: Masterclass Objectives

  • In-Depth Exploration of Mental Health

Gain a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of mental health. Understand the intricate aetiologies, evaluation processes, and diagnostic approaches shaping today’s mental health treatments.

  • Decoding the Role of Genomics in Mental Health

Uncover the critical role of functional tests in mental health. Learn to interpret genomic markers and microbial indicators to enhance your diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.

  • Addressing Chronic Conditions and Their Mental Impacts

Gain insights into the complex interplay between chronic physical conditions and mental health. Master the art of identifying and managing overlapping symptoms that often cloud accurate mental health diagnoses.

  • Micronutrients: The Building Blocks of Mental Wellness

Explore the vital pathways through which micronutrients influence mental health. Understand how deficiencies and imbalances can affect mental wellbeing and learn strategies to optimise mental health through nutrition.

  • Differentiating Psychosocial and Nutritional Psychology

Clearly distinguish between psychosocial factors and the impact of nutrition in mental health. This segment offers a deep dive into how these distinct fields intersect and how you can leverage this knowledge in your practice.

  • The Emerging Field of Psychobiotics

Investigate the ground-breaking role of probiotics in mental health. Understand how gut health is intricately linked to mental wellness and learn practical applications of psychobiotics in treating mental health disorders.

  • The Influence of Diet on Mental Health

Assess and understand the profound impact of dietary habits on mental health. Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to guide patients in dietary choices supporting mental wellness.

  • Unravelling the Ties Between Addictions and Nutritional Psychology

Explore the complex relationship between various forms of addiction and nutritional psychology. Learn how nutritional imbalances can drive addictive behaviours and how correcting these imbalances can aid in treatment and recovery.

Attendees Get the Masterclass Value Pack!

  • Free sample of the breakthrough Designs for Health new product, ProBiocalm ~ $45.95 value
  • Science-based protocols for Anxiety, Insomnia and Brain Health.
  • Value-Packed Goodie Bag!
  • Designs for Health product credit voucher, value $35
  • Pre-event gourmet snacks
  • Post-event drinks and networking

Masterclass Dates & Cities

February 17th to 29th 2024

See event times for each city below.
Or participate in the Livestream Event on Thursday 29th.

New Zealand

Saturday 17th

Sofitel Auckland


Wednesday 21st

5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

The Calile Hotel


Friday 23rd

5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

The Pagoda


Tuesday 27th

6 pm – 9 pm

Park Hyatt


Thursday 29th

6 pm – 9 pm

The Four Seasons


Thursday 29th

6 pm – 8.30 pm


Masterclass Registration

A Valuable Educational Event

Five City Tour with Dr Oscar Coetzee
Plus Livestream Event Option

LIVE MASTERCLASS – Registration Fee: $69

  • Designs for Health product credit voucher, value $35
  • Event goodie bag valued over $50
  • Arrival canapés and networking
  • Masterclass presentation with Dr Coetzee – Two hours
  • Cocktail reception with Dr Coetzee
  • Comprehensive workbook with slides, notes and references
  • CPE Certificate for 2 points

LIVESTREAM MASTERCLASS – Registration Fee: $39

  • Designs for Health product credit voucher, value $25
  • Masterclass presentation with Dr Coetzee – Two hours
  • Comprehensive workbook with slides, notes and references
  • Online moderated networking discussion
  • CPE Certificate for 2 points

Dr Oscar Coetzee

Dr Oscar Coetzee is a dedicated, dynamic nutritionist, published author, researcher, educator, ranked professor, and nationally renowned speaker. He has been a nutritional science and research pioneer for more than 25 years. He holds bachelor’s degrees in criminology and psychology, dual master’s degrees in organisational psychology and human nutrition, and dual doctorates in holistic and clinical nutrition.

Dr Coetzee is an associate professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health, an associate director of the DHSc program at the University of Bridgeport, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, and a scientific board advisor for Designs for Health Nutraceuticals.

Dr Coetzee is also the clinical director of the Nutrition Department at Natural Healthcare Center, the owner of TGLLC Consulting, a top sports performance consultancy, and the clinical director of Diagnostic Solutions Lab. He specialises in metabolic and endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal permeability disorders, psycho-nutrigenomics, and sports performance enhancement. He has developed his golf performance enhancement business, including nutritional, psychological, and genetic coaching. He works with top golfers in the U.S. and around the world.

Oscar has also raced motorcycles, karts, and cars and completed two solo cross-country trips on a motorcycle. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and helping them achieve their health goals.

Pracs Share About Dr Coetzee…

Roz Fitzgerald:

The clarity and insight provided by Dr Coetzee's sessions are invaluable, offering 'nuggets' of wisdom that resonate and return when most needed in practice.

Nellie Savage:

His training provided a significant advancement in understanding neurodiverse conditions, highlighting the importance of revisiting dense content to fully benefit from the wealth of information.

Paul Middleton:

Such a wide depth of insight to the patient's health and nutrient status attained from the test results allowing for more targeted treatment.

Lauren Caruana:

Dr Coetzee's delivery of complex topics is both enjoyable and educational, covering a broad spectrum of relevant issues with ease.

Rebecca McGrath:

Dr Coetzee's blend of scientific rigor with clinical application consistently provides invaluable takeaways from his presentations.

Louise Allen:

Excellent presentation and Oscar is absolutely a wealth of knowledge that is current and evidence-based.

Psychosocial vs Nutritional Psychology: Clarity in Practice

Set yourself apart by gaining an expert skill few practitioners understand: clearly delineating between the psychosocial and nutritional drivers of mental health. Master the science of how these distinct mechanisms intersect.

Support from Designs for Health Australia’s Senior Team

Head shots4

Edward Allardice

Managing Director
Designs for Health Australia

Dr Coetzee’s masterclass will provide great value for our practitioner community. His functional approach to mental health, backed by his research and clinical experience, has profoundly influenced the methods of health practitioners worldwide.

Head shots3

Lea McIntyre

Technical & Marketing Manager
Designs for Health Australia

Attending Dr Coetzee’s masterclass will be a pivotal moment in your career. His unique approach to mental wellness, combining genomics, nutrition, and psychology, contributes to new possibilities in patient care.

Head shots2

Peter Barraket

International Managing Director
Designs for Health

Dr Coetzee has been our most popular international presenter. The strategies he will share will be instrumental in providing more comprehensive and effective care to patients in the crucial areas of mental health and wellbeing.

Head shots

Linda Dal Molin

Head of Sales and Education
Designs for Health Australia

Dr Coetzee’s insights on psycho-neutrogenomics provide invaluable new skills for clinical practice, especially in treating complex cases of anxiety and depression.

The Masterclass Experience: Connect, Network and Learn

Join the Mental Wellbeing Reimagined Masterclass Live in Five Cities – Or Join Online for the Livestream Experience

Breakthrough Learning

  • Receive a comprehensive workbook with slides
  • Product notes and references

Network and Collaborate

  • Connect with your colleagues
  • Exchange ideas

Refreshments and Cocktails

  • Enjoy arrival canapes and networking, prior to the presentation
  • Networking cocktail reception – 8-9 pm

Product Samples + Goodie Bag!

  • Receive a Designs for Health product credit voucher, value $35
  • Plus, an event goodie bag, value over $50 and try our latest products

Participate in the Livestream

  • Ask questions live into the Masterclass
  • Access all presentation materials and resources

Connect and Share Online

  • Interact and debrief the live sessions with other pracs
  • Moderated by Designs for Health Health Educators

The Future of Mental Healthcare Is Important For Us All

Enhance your practice and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who turn to you for help.
Your path to becoming a leader in mental wellness starts here.

Learn a groundbreaking triad integrating psychology, nutrition, and genomics to transform mental healthcare.

Gain access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools and protocols to elevate your treatment plans.

Emerge renewed, empowered and equipped to achieve the breakthroughs you know are possible.

Acquire advanced techniques for addressing complex mental health cases.

Discover how correcting nutritional imbalances can aid addiction treatment and recovery.

Master strategies to identify and resolve the mental impacts of chronic conditions.

Learn how to leverage psychobiotics and the gut-brain axis into mental health treatment plans.

Participate in an inspiring community of practitioners reimagining the future of mental healthcare.

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Designs for Health Education

I really enjoy your webinars. The presenters are engaging and concise, presenting information pertinent to the clinician setting rather than emphasising research facts is welcome. Personal stories also provide an authentic connection. Thank you
Desley Lock

Thanks for this clear, insightful information. I have found any of the webinars or seminars I’ve attended have been useful, with little nuggets that pop back into mind when relevant.
Roz Fitzgerald

Excellent in-depth training, provides extensive and well-illustrated explanations and summaries, easy to understand. Really appreciate this comprehensive self-paced practitioner training.
Duong Tran

I really enjoyed the webinar on Autoimmunity. The simplicity of the treatment protocols and the results were mind-blowing! The research studies to back up treatment protocols are great resources too.

The DFH education and webinars are awesome. I have learnt so much, thank you.

Liz Stewart