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The Modern Practitioner:
Clinical Innovation for the Digital Age

How to Utilize Courses, Programs, and Simple Technology to Streamline Your Business Growth

The Modern Practitioner:
Clinical Innovation for the Digital Age

How to Utilise Courses, Programs, and Simple Technology to Streamline Your Business Growth

Innovation in Action: Reshaping Your Healthcare Practice for the Future

Discover New Ways To
Leverage Your Skills:

  • Timely tech for personal and practice creativity and efficiency

  • Avoid and overcome the challenges of post-Covid burnout

  • Embrace digital healthcare systems and automation

  • Develop healthcare program bundles with FX testing

  • Use ChatGPT and AI to enhance productivity and communications

  • Create a smarter website with a user-friendly design

  • Easier content creation for blogs, programs and social media

  • Grow your virtual team to support your work and lifestyle

Engage With The Expert Panel
During Interactive Presentations:

Live demonstrations of tools you can put into action

Engage with the panel in Live Q& A and brainstorming

Automate communications for better clinical outcomes

Explore synergies and new practice skills

Earn 2 CPE points for your webinar participation

Get new tools and resources to use in your practice

Join us for our groundbreaking webinar, The Modern Practitioner: Clinical Innovation for the Digital Age, a highly engaging session with a panel of practitioners who share their proven success methods. Designed to equip you with smart strategies for streamlining and enhancing your practice. This interactive event focuses on strengthening client-practitioner relationships, leveraging digital tools and understanding how to use health data analytics for better case management.

Explore how to transform your expertise into profitable online programs, employ AI tools like ChatGPT for content creation and program design, and master basic SEO for improved online visibility. Our expert panel will share insights on workflow automation, effective communications and delegation, and strategies to avoid burnout. This transformative session is your gateway to redefining your practice for the post-COVID world.

FREE WEBINAR | Tuesday, 25th July 2023, 7:00 – 9:00 pm AEST

Learn From Our Panel of Expert Practice Builders

Robbie Clark

Robbie Clark

Digital Health Technology
& Data Systems for Efficiency


Robbie is a Sydney-based Functional Dietitian who graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. He has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and is the Director and Co-founder of the all-in-one Digital Clinic software and telehealth platform,

Robbie has had a diverse career in nutrition, working in the areas of clinical and community dietetics and health, corporate health and private practice. Robbie has worked in many multidisciplinary clinics and thoroughly understands what practitioners want and need in practice management software and technology. 

This experience led him to create HealthBank to revolutionise how healthcare is accessed and delivered. He is a digital health advocate, educator and speaker who helps practitioners build and grow their online businesses.
Find Robbie at

Hayley Stathis bio

Hayley Stathis

Package Your Expertise with
Online Health Programs


Hayley Stathis is an Online Business & Marketing Coach in the Health & Wellness space. Hayley and her business partner, Kylie Russell run The Virtual Practitioner, a coaching company helping wellness professionals create success.
Hayley has a Communications degree from UTS and has worked in Marketing & Publicity agencies in London and Sydney. She honed her marketing skills with big brands before dragging her adrenals back to study Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine.
She has created multiple online programs and built her virtual practice to serve herself and her clients.

In a typical pandemic pivot, Hayley closed her virtual practice to focus fully on helping other practitioners create their own signature online programs and harness the power of digital marketing to engage more clients.

Find Hayley at

Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest

Personal & Clinic Systems to
Automate, Delegate and Eliminate


Tammy Guest does things differently. As a mentor, multi-passionate entrepreneur, adventurer, and mum of three, she helps empower women go from feeling directionless and overwhelmed to being inspired with a clear plan, to lead a truly unrestricted life. Tammy is founder of the Natupreneur Movement, podcast and Hub.
Drawing on more than a decade of experience running dynamic retreats online and offline, she has the power to magically weave transformational experiences you’ll never forget. Her life’s quest of planet, people and purpose has taken her from the realms of medical science, natural medicine, neuroscience, entrepreneurship and even aviation. With freedom and adventure now at the core of all that Tammy does, she is a beautiful example of what it means to be in the process of reining and enjoying the journey.

Find Tammy at

James Burgin

James Burgin

Using AI & SEO for Digital Marketing
and Education Design


James has an Applied Science degree in design and qualifications in naturopathy and herbal medicine. He brings decades of experience in clinical practice, plus training and marketing, with a special interest in natural health. His agency, Brandwithin, focuses on creative branding, design, digital marketing and course creation.
He has designed and managed many conferences, events, online courses and natural health programs for over 20 years.
James is deeply involved with AI content development and SEO, refining how to use the tools for creativity, and productivity. He is growing multiple websites and now trains others on how to use ChatGPT and AI tools.
James manages the Designs for Health Australia education programs, with on-demand CPE courses for practitioners. He is now replicating this program for Designs for Health Canada.

Find James at

Webinar Schedule

7:00 pm – 8:20 pm – Panel Presentations
8:20 pm – 9:00 pm – Live Q&A discussion – webinar participants and the panel
9:00 pm – Webinar concludes

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Your Webinar Host and MC

Linda Dal MolinLinda Dal Molin is the Director of Sales and Education for Designs for Health Australia.

Linda has a Masters in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor’s of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), and an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. She has been a practitioner for 25 years and has worked in the natural health space for 27 years.

Linda has developed a strong relationship with the Designs for Health practitioner community. She will moderate the webinar and the Q&A discussion in this webinar and engage our live Designs for Health practitioner community to bring insight and practical clinical pearls for all.

Designs for Health Education

I really enjoy your webinars. The presenters are engaging and concise, presenting information pertinent to the clinician setting rather than emphasising research facts is welcome. Personal stories also provide an authentic connection. Thank you
Desley Lock

Thanks for this clear, insightful information. I have found any of the webinars or seminars I’ve attended have been useful, with little nuggets that pop back into mind when relevant.
Roz Fitzgerald

Excellent in-depth training, provides extensive and well-illustrated explanations and summaries, easy to understand. Really appreciate this comprehensive self-paced practitioner training.
Duong Tran

I really enjoyed the webinar on Autoimmunity. The simplicity of the treatment protocols and the results were mind-blowing! The research studies to back up treatment protocols are great resources too.

The DFH education and webinars are awesome. I have learnt so much, thank you.

Liz Stewart

The Modern Practitioner: Clinical Innovation for the Digital Age

How to Utilise Courses, Programs, and Simple Technology to Streamline Your Business Growth

FREE WEBINAR | Tuesday, 25th July 2023, 7:00 – 9:00 pm AEST

The Modern Practitioner: Expert Panel Presentations and Q&A

Our distinguished panel of speakers, each an expert in their respective fields, will guide you on this transformative journey. Robbie Clark brings his deep understanding of digital health and its impact on client-practitioner relationships, setting the stage for greater efficiency. Hayley Stathis, an expert on creating online health programs, will share valuable insights on harnessing your expertise into profitable online programs and leveraging technology tools in your favour.

James Burgin, a specialist in education design, digital marketing and SEO, will showcase the power of innovative tools like ChatGPT and the basics of SEO to enhance your practice’s online visibility. Tammy Guest will offer her valuable wisdom on the three pivotal themes – Automate, Delegate, and Eliminate, sharing strategies to enhance your workflow and prevent burnout. Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring this webinar will provide actionable strategies for your practice’s growth in a post-COVID world.

Robbie Clark

  • Use technology to streamline your practice (clinical and administrative workflows).
  • Enhance patient engagement/adherence/communication with automation.
  • Navigate, gather and analyse patient data to empower your practice.
Modern Practitioner Robbie Clark

Hayley Stathis

  • Package your expertise into a program or online offer – how to avoid the two biggest mistakes health practitioners make when creating online programs.
  • Create a sales system to make money with automated sales and marketing outlines of what works for program sales and online conversion.
  • Use ChatGPT to create content.
Modern Practitioner Hayley Stathis

Tammy Guest

Explore how to create a business without burnout through:

  • Planning what can be automated
  • Navigate delegation and what it means to find team members
  • Learn how to lovingly let go and eliminate the excess parts of your business
Modern Practitioner Tammy Guest

James Burgin

  • Live demonstration of innovative ChatGPT prompts to design personalised health programs, sales pages and emails.
  • Use ChatGPT as a research assistant, brainstorming aid and all-around sidekick.
  • Search Engine Optimisation 101 – how to use the first page of a Google Search to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Don’t Make Me Think’ website home page design.


Modern Practitioner James Burgin

Designs for Health Practitioners