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Rethinking Gallbladder Health:

Superfluous Organ or Vital Structure in Human Health?

Rethinking Gallbladder Health:

Superfluous Organ or Vital Structure in Human Health?

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The Gallbladder Connection: Linking Nutrition, Detox, and Wellbeing

What You Will Learn – Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and assess gallbladder function: External signs, symptoms, and diagnostic markers.
  2. Gallbladder dysfunction factors: Microbial, nutritional, lifestyle and environmental influences; recognise early indicators of gallbladder distress.
  3. Strategies to enhance gallbladder function: Support detoxification and impact patient health and longevity.
  4. Gallbladder Dietary Support: Nutritional plans to support gallbladder health and facilitate detoxification.
  5. Lifestyle Interventions for Gallbladder Care: Explore stress management, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications to benefit gallbladder function.
  6. Detoxification Techniques: Strategies to support the body’s detox pathways in the absence of a gallbladder.

Amie Skilton Presents
An Authoritative Presentation

Discussion of causations of gallbladder dysfunctions

Amie Skilton Addresses Key Questions and Answers

Review Amie Skilton's approach to detox & digestive health treatment plans

Review detoxification pathway principles

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Revealing Gallbladder Mysteries:
Beyond Common Misconceptions

Renowned speaker and naturopath Amie Skilton explores the gallbladder’s vital functions, the consequences of its removal, and innovative strategies to support its health and detoxification processes.

Discover the critical role of the gallbladder in human health in our upcoming webinar, where we discuss its importance beyond conventional medical perspectives. Amie will uncover the staggering statistics of gallbladder-related hospital admissions and surgeries in Australia, highlighting the organ’s often misunderstood significance.

Enhance your clinical skills and gain new insights into patient care.

Beyond Removal: Strategies for Lifelong Gallbladder Health

From a naturopathic viewpoint, advocating for preventive and supportive care rather than defaulting to surgical solutions can allow patients to experience a different future. Amie shares her approach with natural remedies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes to nurture gallbladder function and contribute to holistic wellbeing. This empowers patients with knowledge and practices to support their digestive health and maintain gallbladder vitality, aligning with the principles of natural medicine.

This in-depth webinar explores the dichotomy of the gallbladder’s role in wellness. Amie Skilton leads this exploration of the latest research and holistic approaches that challenge conventional views, emphasising the gallbladder’s crucial functions and the impacts of its removal.

Learn from Amy Skilton’s Wealth of Experience

Amie Skelton presents on Gallbladder Health

Amy Skilton
BHSc (Comp Med), DBT

Amie Skilton’s professional journey spans nearly two decades as a functional medicine practitioner and educator in naturopathic medicine. Her expertise has brought her to conference stages, television, and digital platforms, where she has addressed a broad audience that includes functional medicine practitioners and the general public. Amie’s approach deeply integrates environmental factors with traditional health practices, emphasising the significance of a harmonious relationship between individuals and their surroundings for optimal health.

In 2017, Amie’s personal health journey took a significant turn when she was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), a condition often associated with mould exposure. This diagnosis transformed her health perspective and led her to become a certified Mould Testing Technician. Amie’s experience with CIRS has greatly influenced her practice, emphasising the built environment’s impact on health. Thus, she has expanded her clinical focus to include environmental health hazards alongside conventional naturopathic treatments.

Your Webinar Host and MC
Lind Dal Molin, ND

Linda Dal MolinLinda Dal Molin is the Director of Sales and Education for Designs for Health Australia.

Linda has a Masters in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor’s of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), and an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. She has been a practitioner for 25 years and has worked in the natural health space for 27 years.

Linda has developed a strong relationship with the Designs for Health practitioner community. She will moderate the webinar and the Q&A discussion in this webinar and engage our live Designs for Health practitioner community to bring insight and practical clinical pearls for all.

Get to know the Gallbladder’s pivotal role
in maintaining and transforming digestive health.

Designs for Health Education

I really enjoy your webinars. The presenters are engaging and concise, presenting information pertinent to the clinician setting rather than emphasising research facts is welcome. Personal stories also provide an authentic connection. Thank you
Desley Lock

Thanks for this clear, insightful information. I have found any of the webinars or seminars I’ve attended have been useful, with little nuggets that pop back into mind when relevant.
Roz Fitzgerald

Excellent in-depth training, provides extensive and well-illustrated explanations and summaries, easy to understand. Really appreciate this comprehensive self-paced practitioner training.
Duong Tran

I really enjoyed the webinar on Autoimmunity. The simplicity of the treatment protocols and the results were mind-blowing! The research studies to back up treatment protocols are great resources too.

The DFH education and webinars are awesome. I have learnt so much, thank you.

Liz Stewart

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