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Webinar – Inflammation in Anxiety,
ADHD and Autism

An Integrative Medicine Approach to Calm the Nerves

Dr Oscar Coetzee Webinar

Designs for Health Australia presents:

Inflammation in Anxiety,
ADHD and Autism

An Integrative Medicine Approach to Calm the Nerves

A Webinar (replay) with Dr Oscar Coetzee and Lea McIntyre ND

Inflammation Challenges for Neurological Conditions

Inflammation is a key underlying cause of most neurological conditions and chronic disorders in children and adults.

These conditions include Anxiety, Autism and ADHD as well as autoimmune dysfunction, depression, asthma, allergies and many more.

In this Webinar, Dr Coetzee will:

  • Show how inflammatory processes develop to trigger neurological conditions
  • Discuss diagnostic principles and tests to help understand core causes
  • Share his experience of an integrative medicine approach to clinical nutrition
  • Present case histories and protocols to manage symptoms and restore health

Webinar moderated by Naturopath Lea McIntyre:

  • Lea brings a wealth of experience based on her clinical practice
  • As technical manager for Designs for Health she will be asking the most pertinent questions 
  • She brings her passion for paediatric health and gut-health to the webinar
  • Moderated questions from the audience are presented for discussion between Lea and Oscar


Using Integrative Medicine to Manage Inflammation and Calm the Nerves

Know the Inflammation Triggers and How to Manage Them

In today’s fast-paced world, many neurological conditions are triggered by inflammation. In this webinar learn to manage key contributing factors:

  • Reducing toxin overloads – detox strategies
  • Eliminate priority nutritional deficiencies
  • Improve gut health and the gut-brain factors
  • Improve sleep, rest and poor lifestyle choices

Understand a Major Challenge for Neurological Conditions —

Anxiety, ADHD and Autism so often involve inflammation, which…

  • Can burn up or consume essential nutrients
  • Can be triggered by toxins and infections
  • Leads to biochemical processes that go awry
  • Creates pain and cellular damage
  • Can lead to a cascade of health problems

Moderating Inflammation with an Integrative Medicine Approach to Nutrition

Inflammation is a necessary process for the immune system. However, when the body can’t moderate it, serious problems can occur. The link between inflammation and a myriad of mental health and mood conditions as well as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and more is now a critical area for clinicians to understand and address.

In this Webinar, Dr Coetzee will draw on his 20+ years of clinical experience and research to provide practical insights into this important area.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories as well as prescription drugs usually do not address the root cause of these conditions. They are generally ineffective in the long run and can have harmful side effects.

Meet Your Webinar Presenters

Dr Oscar Coetzee

Dr Oscar Coetzee MS, DCN, is Associate Professor University of Bridgeport. As Associate Director “Nutrition Track” for the Doctor of Health Sciences, his special interests include metabolic syndrome, intestinal permeability, sports performance, and neuralogical conditions such as ADHD and ASD. His research and focus is at the cutting edge of nutritional, evidence-based science and the development of nutritional intervention protocols for various chronic diseases.

Dr Oscar Coetzee

Lea McIntyre ND

Lea McIntyre is the Customer Relations and Technical Manager at Designs for Health Australia.
Lea has 19 years experience as a qualified naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist. In her clinical practice, she has a special interest in paediatric health and gut health and the relationship between inflammation and neurological conditions.
Lea provides direct support for DFH Practitioners – and frequently provides guidance on GI Map Test reports.

Lea McIntyre

Introducing Dr Oscar Coetzee…

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WEDNESDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2019 7.00pm – 8.00pm AEST (Sydney time)