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LIVE WEBINAR | Advanced Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Supporting a Healthy Start To Life

Designs for Health Australia invites you to register for this valuable Webinar:

Advanced Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Supporting a Healthy Start To Life

Presentation + Live Q & A Discussion
Brittany Darling, Nutritionist & Herbalist +
Linda Dal Molin, Naturopath

  TUESDAY 15th February 2022 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm AEDT (Sydney time)

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Learn with Designs for Health as we explore the Dynamics of Nutrition for Pre and Post Natal Nutrition 

The evidence is compelling that an integrative nutritional approach to health and wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy maximises the chances of life-long good health. Women and men can improve the chances of a pregnancy and give their baby the best start in life by having a healthy diet, well before a baby is conceived.

Brittany Darling draws on her personal and professional experience to take you on a deep dive into her nutritional perspective on how to enhance pre and post natal health.

Plus she will provide you with clinical gems to support your clients who seek to optimise their health, fertility, successful childbirth and post natal health.

This not-to-be-missed webinar will discuss:

  • Assessment of nutritional status, including pathology tests and understanding optimal ranges
  • Identify prenatal diet and lifestyle risk factors for subfertility that may contribute to lifelong health adversity for the offspring
  • Identify essential prenatal nutrients, understand their functions and when to tailor dosages based on individual needs
  • How to prescribe higher dose nutrients to improve fertility and manage pregnancy complications
  • Understand the changes to post-birth nutritional requirements and the essentials for supporting breastfeeding and birth recovery
  • Review of real case studies

Webinar Schedule

7:00 pm – 7:50 pm – Introduction and Presentation from Brittany Darling
7:50 pm – 8.10 pm – Case Studies
8:10 pm – 8.25 pm – Live Q&A discussion moderated by Linda Dal Molin
8:30 pm – Webinar concludes

Join in for a lively session with an expert presentation, case studies and Q&A discussion.
You can ask your questions live or in advance.

Biology and Age Affect Pregnancy Outcomes

It’s a biological fact that as women and men age, their potential to have children decreases, although the exact time when this starts to happen can vary among individuals.

We all know someone who had a healthy baby in their late 30s or early 40s. But of all people who try for a baby at a later age, many will not have the baby they hoped to have.

Across a population, women younger than 35 and men younger than 40 have a better chance of having a child than people who are older. This is true for natural pregnancies and for pregnancies conceived through assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF (in-vitro fertilisation).

Because of these predisposing factors, it is all the more important to understand how to optimise health to ensure the best possible outcomes for the whole family.

Learn from Brittany Darling’s wealth of experience

Brittany Darling
Nutritionist (BHSC), Western Herbal Medicine (Adv Dip),
Cert. Paediatric Nutrition
Clinician, Educator, Writer, Speaker

Brittany is a Clinical Accredited Nutritionist and Western Herbalist with 10+ years experience and is a mum of two.

She has a special interest in the areas of fertility, prenatal and postnatal, and paediatric nutrition. She is the founder of the children’s supplement company I’m Nutrients, the co-founder of Day One fertility and the author of “A Holistic Guide to Preconception + Pregnancy” and “Starting Solids”.

Brittany believes in a whole-food approach to nutrition and addresses misalignments with a holistic, evidence-based and functional perspective. Brittany is a keen researcher, keynote speaker and regular expert in the media. She is currently completing her Masters in Human Nutrition.

Meet Your Webinar Host

Linda Dal Molin

Linda Dal Molin ND

Linda Dal Molin is the Director of Sales and Education for Designs for Health Australia.

Linda has a Masters in Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Advanced Diploma Naturopathy. She has been a practitioner for 21 years and worked in the natural health space for 25 years.

Linda has developed a strong relationship with the Designs for Health practitioner community. She will moderate the Q&A discussion in this webinar and engage our live Designs for Health practitioner community to bring insight and practical clinical pearls for all.