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Webinar: Mastering Adult ADHD

with Effective Treatment Plans

Webinar: Mastering Adult ADHD

with Effective Treatment Plans

FREE WEBINAR | Wednesday, 10th July 2024, 7:00 – 8:30 pm AEST

Unlock the Secrets to Mastering Adult ADHD for Better Patient Care

What You Will Learn – Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Adult ADHD and Its Unique Presentation: Gain insights into how adult ADHD differs from childhood ADHD, and the specific challenges faced by adults.
  • Identify the Drivers of Adult ADHD Symptoms: Learn the factors that contribute to ADHD symptoms in adults.
  • Get Familiar with Key Functional Tests: Essential diagnostic tools like the GI-MAP Test and serum tests.
  • Develop Effective Treatment Plans: Learn to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to adults with ADHD.
  • Identify Critical Ingredients for Success: Understand the importance of specific ingredients in the treatment of adult ADHD.
  • Integrate Neuroinflammation and Gut Integrity in Treatments: Discover why neuroinflammation and gut health are central to effective treatment protocols.
  • Learn Why Reducing Neuro-Inflammation is Key: The crucial role of reducing neuro-inflammation in managing adult ADHD.
  • Review Real-Life Case Studies: Understand practical applications of the treatment strategies.

Engage With Jules Galloway
During Her Interactive Presentation

Live discussion of latest Adult ADHD insights

Engage with Jules Galloway in a Live Question and Answer session

Review Jules Galloway's approach to personalised treatment plans

Review Adult ADHD prescribing principles

Earn 1.5 CPE points for your webinar participation

Get new distinctions to use in your practice

Advance Your Practice with Expert Strategies

Learn how to implement advanced strategies in your clinical practice. Discover techniques for refining protocols and modifying treatment plans to better support adults with ADHD, and achieve better health outcomes.

Optimise Patient Outcomes with Advanced ADHD Management 

Equip yourself with expert knowledge on adult ADHD, focusing on key areas such as neuroinflammation, gut health, and effective treatment strategies. Join Jules Galloway to explore actionable strategies that support patients in managing their unique condition and improving overall health outcomes.

Learn from Jules Galloway’s wealth of experience

Jules Galloway

Jules Galloway
Accredited Naturopath, Speaker
Mentor and Podcaster

Jules Galloway is a straight-talking naturopath, speaker, mentor and podcaster.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Jules has made it her mission to help people recover from fatigue, anxiety and mental health issues.

She sees clients via Zoom and has educated thousands through her courses and webinars. She has a special interest in neurodivergent wellbeing and runs a comprehensive 8-week professional training program, “Adult ADHD for Practitioners.”

Jules is passionate about guiding the next generation of practitioners to become confident, capable and successful clinicians… without burning out.

You can find Jules at on Facebook and Instagram at @julesgallowayhealth, and on her podcast on Apple and Spotify—search for “LD ADHD.”

Your Webinar Host and MC
Linda Dal Molin, ND

Linda Dal MolinLinda Dal Molin is the Director of Sales and Education for Designs for Health Australia.

Linda has a Masters in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor’s of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), and an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. She has been a practitioner for 25 years and has worked in the natural health space for 27 years.

Linda has developed a strong relationship with the Designs for Health practitioner community. She will moderate the webinar and the Q&A discussion in this webinar and engage our live Designs for Health practitioner community to bring insight and practical clinical pearls for all.

Webinar Schedule

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Jules Galloway‘s Presentation and Case Studies

8:00 pm – 8:30 pm – Live Q&A discussion with Jules Galloway

8:30 pm – Webinar concludes

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Enhance Your Clinical Skills
with Practical Insights into Adult ADHD

Designs for Health Education

I really enjoy your webinars. The presenters are engaging and concise, presenting information pertinent to the clinician setting rather than emphasising research facts is welcome. Personal stories also provide an authentic connection. Thank you
Desley Lock

Thanks for this clear, insightful information. I have found any of the webinars or seminars I’ve attended have been useful, with little nuggets that pop back into mind when relevant.
Roz Fitzgerald

Excellent in-depth training, provides extensive and well-illustrated explanations and summaries, easy to understand. Really appreciate this comprehensive self-paced practitioner training.
Duong Tran

I really enjoyed the webinar on Autoimmunity. The simplicity of the treatment protocols and the results were mind-blowing! The research studies to back up treatment protocols are great resources too.

The DFH education and webinars are awesome. I have learnt so much, thank you.

Liz Stewart

Mastering Adult ADHD

with Effective Treatment Plans

FREE WEBINAR | Wednesday, 10th July 2024, 7:00 – 8:30 pm AEST

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