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Webinar – The Broken Promise of Vitamin E
and the New Breakthrough Alternatives

Why Annatto-Sourced Tocotrienols are the “21st Century” E

12 Noon Wednesday 19th February (Sydney time)

A Webinar presented by Designs for Health Australia

The Broken Promise of Vitamin E
and the New Breakthrough Alternatives

Webinar presenters: Dr Barrie Tan and Lea McIntyre ND

12 Noon Wednesday 19th February
(Sydney time)

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Why Annatto-Sourced Tocotrienols are the “21st Century” E


The power of tocotrienols’ anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for cardiovascular and overall health support.


In this webinar, Dr Barrie Tan presents clinically relevant data on tocotrienols’ anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the context of cardiometabolic disease, NAFLD, cancer, bone health, and overall cellular health.


The webinar will present an overview of the latest randomized trials, and highlight annatto tocotrienols’ role as the “21st century vitamin E”


Join the world’s leading researcher in this engaging and educational event to further your knowledge of  how tocotrienols’ role in health and clinical intervention have displayed benefits based on a growing body of research.

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In this One-Hour Webinar, Dr Tan will:

  • Explain the physiological needs for healthy cellular and heart function
  • Discuss how over 90% of oxidation protection must come from either tocotrienols or tocopherols –
    • And why tocotrienols are the better choice
  • Discuss how tocotrienols have been shown to provide 40-60 times more protection than tocopherols
  • Present an overview of recent science on tocotrienols and their application in clinical practice

Webinar moderated by Naturopath Lea McIntyre:

  • Lea brings a wealth of experience based on her clinical practice
  • As technical manager for Designs for Health she will be asking the most pertinent questions 
  • She brings her passion for paediatric health and gut-health to the webinar
  • Moderated questions from the audience are presented for discussion between Lea and Dr Tan

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Know the origins of vitamin E, it’s 8 isomers, and the diverse sources from which they’re derived
  • Learn how the widely used alpha-tocopherol interferes with tocotrienol functions
  • Understand the impact of annatto tocotrienol on cardiometabolic and cellular health
  • Know the benefits of annatto-derived tocotrienol with regard to healthy aging, and cardiometabolic, liver, bone, and cellular health
  • Utilise guidelines for appropriate tocotrienol dosing for practitioners and consumers

Leading researcher and clinician Dr Barrie Tan presents

the latest research on Tocotrienols and Important Antioxidant Discoveries

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Meet Your Webinar Presenters

Dr Barrie Tan

Dr Barrie Tan is hailed as a trailblazer and the world’s foremost expert on vitamin E. A scientist first and foremost, Dr Tan earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Otago, New Zealand and spent several years as a professor at UMass. Dr Tan has committed himself to the research and development of phytonutrients that reduce and slow chronic disorders.

Dr Tan is credited with discovering a form of vitamin E called tocotrienol from three major sources – Palm, Rice and Annatto. 

Dr Tan is the editor of two prestigious books on tocotrienol and founder of the International Tocotrienol Conference, Dr Tan was dubbed the “Tocotrienol King” by Dr Stephen Sinatra, a highly respected and sought-after cardiologist, due to his “research background, keen knowledge, and active involvement in studying tocotrienols.”

Dr Tan has held roles of Chief Scientific Officer and Scientific Board Member for multinational organizations. His career includes periods working in association with the US Armed Forces and a Prince of Thailand.

Dr Tan has successfully launched multiple businesses in the nutrition industry and owns an array of patents and intellectual property, keeping him at the forefront of scientific innovation.

He is an internationally celebrated and sought-after speaker, having presented at multiple respected conferences in the field including; IFT, ADA, ASN, IHS, A4M, NPA, AACR, ICIM, AOCS, IAOMT, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Renowned for his engaging warmth and gracious humour, Dr Tan has also been featured in array of popular media including the Ben Greenfield and JJ Virgin podcasts.

Dr Tan is currently the President of American River Nutrition, a natural health R&D company he started with his wife, Elizabeth, in 1998. Described as a scientific pioneer, his mission is simple, improve the everyday health of people’s lives through the rigorous application of DeltaGold® – the first-ever tocopherol-free tocotrienol product extracted from annatto, and the most potent form of vitamin E in existence today.


“I Believe That Tocotrienols
Might Be The Most
Important Antioxidant
Discovery In Our Lifetime”
~Dr Barry Tan

Lea McIntyre

Lea McIntyre ND

Lea McIntyre is the Customer Relations and Technical Manager at Designs for Health Australia.
Lea has 19 years experience as a qualified naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist. In her clinical practice, she has a special interest in paediatric health and gut health and the relationship between inflammation and neurological conditions.
Lea provides direct support for DFH Practitioners – and frequently provides guidance on GI Map Test reports.


Tocotrienols Improve
Fatty Liver in NAFLD Patients

Milestones in Vitamin E Research
Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and current sources