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Science Based Formulations

Science Based Formuluations, Designs for Health

Our science-based formulations include unique, patented ingredients, combined with research-driven, purposefully selected formulations and meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients. Importantly, our philosophy is to provide full transparency. When it comes to our products, we use two-part clear, transparent capsules. We specifically formulate to ensure low quantity and number of excipients and we provide full visibility of all excipients used and these are disclosed on all product labels.

Our formulas are Australian designed, and our products are packed in Australia using the highest level of GMP Standards. We firmly believe that the health care practitioner plays a key role in maximizing the therapeutic benefit to patients. That’s why to support important practitioner-patient relationship and ensure our products are utilized by patients under the care of a health care practitioner, access to our online e-store is restricted to those who have established a valid Designs for Health Registered Practitioner login account.