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LIVE WEBINAR | New Dynamics of Online Consultations

Panel Discussion: Designs for Health Practitioners Share Their Experiences

Designs for Health Australia invites you to join:

The New Dynamics of Online Consultations

A Panel Discussion Webinar:
Designs for Health Practitioners Share Their Experiences

Panel Moderator: Designs for Health Education and Sales Director Linda Dal Molin

WEDNESDAY 22nd April 2020 7.00pm – 8.00pm AEST (Sydney time)

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This webinar will present a panel discussion for Designs for Health Practitioners. All welcome. Join in for a lively session with several spotlight practitioners who are each experienced in conducting Online Consultations in their clinics. You can ask your questions live or in advance.

The panel will be answering many of the questions that our community asked in the recent Online Consultations survey.

Here are some of the top questions we will be exploring on this candid panel discussion:

  • How to get started with Online Consultations?
  • Getting set up and first steps
  • What are the recommended technologies?
  • Using Zoom, Skype, other video systems
  • Do I need a website?
  • What about taking payments?
  • Online practice growth

Get answers from the panel about their experiences…

Patient Management

  • Taking Online bookings
  • Digital consultation forms and record keeping
  • The challenge of doing physical assessments online
  • Patient handouts
  • Time management online
  • Payment systems.

Marketing Considerations

  • How a focused niche has helped some practitioners
  • Email communications
  • Do you need a website?
  • Building referrals for online consultations

Consultation Dynamics

  • How to build rapport over video
  • Clinical observations without face to face
  • How to get patient compliance with remote consultations

Security, Ethics, Rules & Regs

  • Secure systems for online practice management
  • Privacy and security with video
  • Agreements and documentation
  • Insurances and transmission of medical data

Our ‘Panel of Experts’
~ Online Consulting Practitioners

> Lisa McDonald
> Robbie Clark
> Jules Galloway
> Tabitha McIntosh
> Mikaela Mason
> Maria Schaflender

Feedback from Practitioners who understand the value of Online Consultations…

Clearly online consulting in the near future will become essential. By increasing our skills in this area we will be able to deliver more consultations professionally and efficiently. This new competence is of paramount importance for clinical practice. ~ Rocco

When I moved my practice online, having a focused niche helped me; I progressively set up systems to help streamline the process. I had to thinking differently about how to deliver testing and products etc. ~ Maria

I have had two years’ experience working online in my practice. I now have clients in the US, UK and Australia.  ~ Mikaela

I’ve been 99% online for a number of years. I have progressively learned what marketing activities helped me build my practice. Setting up good systems has supported the growth ~ Lisa

My practice has been 100% virtual for a few years. I enjoy the freedom it gives me in business ~ Michael


Learn from other Designs for Health Practitoners…
What works and how to expand your practice with online consultations

Meet Your Panel Moderator

Linda Dal Molin

Linda Dal Molin ND

Linda Dal Molin is the Director of Sales and Education for Designs for Health Australia.
Linda has a Masters Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Advanced Diploma Naturopathy. She has been a practitioner for 21 years and worked in the natural health space for 25 years.

Linda has developed a strong relationship with the Designs for Health practitioner community. She will moderate the panel of practitioners experienced in online consultations in this webinar. She has regular contact with the Designs for Health practitioner community and will support the panel discussion to be insightful and practical for all.