5: Stress and Mood


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Neurotransmitters Biochemical Pathway (Refresher) View Presentation Slides: 05_01_Neurotransmitters biochemcial pathway refresher . Neurotransmitters Biochemical Pathway Tryptophan Metabolism | Transcript Today, we’ll be talking about the neurotransmitter pathway refresher. This does have an overlap with the phenylalanine pathway refresher, but we’ll go a little bit more in-depth in this one as it particularly pertains to the neuropsychological or neurocognitive associations. First, we need to look at the GABA pathway. So the citric acid cycle, as we know, has an intermediate called alpha-ketoglutarate. Let me just get my cursor up here. So again, citric acid cycle has an intermediate alpha-ketoglutarate and alpha-ketoglutarate…