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Liposomal Delivery Technology

Liposomal delivery technology, Designs for Health

Designs for Health set out to find a new delivery method, so that when nutrients travel through the digestive system they are more readily absorbed into the blood and have increase opportunity to reach the cells with full potency. This effective strategy is called liposomal technology.

Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids, which are the basic building blocks of cell membranes, and they’re produced in liquid form. They encapsulate nutrients and bond with cell membranes to facilitate their delivery. Since liposomes bond so easily with the cell membranes, nutrients are more easily absorbed. That means lower doses may have equal or greater efficacy than higher doses provided in forms that are less bioavailable. Additionally, liposomes are extremely tiny particles, which allow for fast absorption in the body, starting in the mouth, where they’re absorbed through the inner lining of the cheeks and the floor of the mouth.

As Designs for Health was one of the first companies to develop liposomal technology, we knew that we had our work cut out for us, as the liposome particle size would have to be as small as possible in order to achieve the highest absorption rate. Ultimately, we created the smallest liposome particle size in the industry—from 50 to 100 nanometres, as opposed to the more common 200 to 600 nanometres from other manufacturers. These smaller particles are developed to go straight into the bloodstream and cells, resulting in faster absorption in the mouth, plus the smaller particles circulate throughout the body longer.

The phospholipids used in DFH’s new liposomal products are derived from non-GMO sunflower lecithin, which allows for effective delivery with both water and fat soluble compounds. Liposomes also penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and though they absorb quickly in the mouth, they also survive the acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring intestinal uptake and delivery to their target tissues.

With an absorption rate of up to 90%, this new nutrient delivery system is ground breaking. The potency of nutrients delivered by liposomes also means this advanced technology is beneficial to those who would prefer to swallow fewer capsules.