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The GI-Map takes the guesswork out of many aspects of diagnosis so that the practitioner can formulate an effective treatment plan for clients.

The test is used to determine if there are certain pathogenic organisms within the body that might cause illnesses like autoimmune problems, arthritis, and most chronic conditions that can be impacted by the gut bacteria.

Dr David Brady Introduces GI-Map Technology

View the 5-minute video introduction by GI-Map founder, Dr David Brady as he introduces the GI-Map technology and how practitioners can utilise it in practice for better patient outcomes.

GI-Map™ DNA Stool Analysis Whitepaper

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Designs for Health Australia proudly presented
Gl-Map Seminar

Learn about the clinical applications and the research behind this new DNA/PCR stool test.

Presented by Dr David Brady, Chief Medical Officer for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratories and Dr Oscar Coetzee, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Associate Professor.


•  This in-depth live seminar is available to DFH Registered Practitioners…
You can view the recording here…

GI-Map Event Recordings