3: Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism

Branch Chain Amino Acids

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Branch Chain Amino Acid Biochemical Pathway (Refresher) View Presentation Slides: 03_03_Branch Chain Amino Acid Biochemical pathway refresher . Branch Chain Amino Acid Biochemical Pathway (Refresher) | Transcript Today, we’re going to quickly browse over the branched-chain amino acid pathway refresher. The test location can be found under Branched-Chain Amino Acids and we will quickly look at valine that converts to alpha-Ketoisovaleric acid. We will look at leucine that converts to alpha-Ketoisocaproic acid, and we will look at isoleucine, which converts to alpha-Keto-beta-methylvaleric acid. This is a rather simple pathway and it’s pretty self-explanatory. So, we can see that we have valine,…