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Introducing Dr Oscar Coetzee

Dr Oscar Coetzee talks about his 20 years of clinic practice, his deep interest in metabolic syndrome and his thoughts about GI-Map Testing.

Video Transcript…


Dr Oscar Coetzee – 20 Years Clinical Practice

I’ve been in clinical practice for about 20 years and I’ve got a couple of areas that I specialise in, the first one being metabolic syndrome which is what I did most of my graduate and research work on in designing protocols and supplemental interventions for the reversal of total metabolic syndrome. And we ran various clinical trials and case series trials on it and had remarkable success with that. So that became a stakeholder in our practice.

I have also worked with type two diabetes that’s so interrelated with metabolic syndrome.

Designing protocols for sports performance enhancement

Sports performance enhancement is where we take athletes, look at their genetic composition. We do some functional testing with them and then designing intervention protocols and supplemental regiments for them to achieve optimal performance.

Advocating GI testing

I think any form of GI testing, but specifically, GI-Map testing is very helpful in looking at various levels of a person’s health. And that’s very important in the athletic medium because we need to understand the state of their immunity. Because they are highly immuno-suppressed and we do find a lot of imbalances in athletes.

GI-Map Test results relate to neurological behaviour

When we look at all the pesticides and herbicides that we have in our food supply, it’s really helpful to look at any form of the specifics in GI Map testing because we can determine the levels of pathogenic versus commensal species and how that’s affecting neurological behaviour and also attention deficit issues, which is the areas that we also work within clinical practice with children.

Correlating effects of herbicides and pesticides

For instance, when you’re working with the autistic spectrum children and you’re looking at any form of stool analysis in the form of a GI Map, you might find overgrowth with Clostridium species and you might find low levels of bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus species. And I personally feel that there’s a very strong correlation between that and some of the herbicides and pesticides that are used in the world because they are actually of such a nature that they actually do destroy some of the commensal species. So it’s really helpful to look at that stuff and to look at the level of that imbalance when we’re working with attention deficit or autistic spectrum children.

Problems with Glyphosate

Glyphosate is interesting. It’s been abused in the world for many, many years. I believe it’s pretty radically used in the country of Australia now since 2006. The problem with glyphosate is that it is a chemical or an organophosphate that is water soluble, so it tends to go everywhere. It’s also a chelating agent, so it pulls metals out of just about everything. So it pulls all the minerals that people need for their health out of the food supply. So people are finding less and less minerals in their food supply.

Metabolic syndrome – reversible?

Metabolic syndrome has always been a very big interest for me because I feel it is a condition that is completely reversible. And I’ve always wanted to prove that in clinical trials or peer-reviewed journals or research. And I found that if you integrate many dietary interventions, proper supplementation and lifestyle changes, you can reverse metabolic syndrome in anybody from the age of 12 to 77. It’s not a genetic thing. It’s a lifestyle thing. And there the supplementation that I would normally use would be Berberine. You know, some of the products that are available in Australia and the ubiquinol product that you have here as well.

Source: Live interview with Dr Oscar Coetzee December 2018, Sydney Australia

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