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Cardiovascular and lipid support, Designs for Health

Cardiovascular and Lipid Support

The health of the cardiovascular system is a broad term and includes overall health of the blood vessels and heart muscle.

Digestion and GI Health

Digestion and gut health plays a major role in overall health, and functional medicine often starts by looking at the gut to find root causes.

Digestion and GI health, Designs for Health
Immunity, Designs for Health

Stress / Immunity

The body needs several vital nutrients to generate the right balance of hormones, neurotransmitters and compounds that support healthy stress and immunity.

Foundational Health

Proper nourishment, through a nutrient-rich diet – and, if necessary, supplementation – may help to maintain optimal physical and emotional health.

Foundational health, Designs for Health
Designs for Health, Endocrine and Metabolism

Endocrine / Metabolism

Metabolic factors are important for maintaining healthy balance of blood sugar levels and overall good health.


The body needs proper nutrients to build, repair, and maintain skeletal muscles and structural and connective tissue.

Musculosketal, Designs for Health

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