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Evail™ Technology

Designs for Health, Evail Technology

While soft gels are known for providing a more bioavailable option for the active ingredients they contain, Designs for Health wasn’t satisfied with the absorption and assimilation of certain nutrients delivered in this way. Our scientists were determined to create a more efficient system that would deliver a higher concentration of nutrients than what was available on the market. After spending almost four years working on a new delivery method, the result is our patented Evail™ emulsion technology, which radically improves the absorption rate of soft-gels.

Utilizing our proprietary blend of medium-chain triglyceride oils, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, vitamin E, and other natural compounds, our Evail™ process delivers highly bioavailable formulas. In other words, Evail™ technology provides the opportunity for greater absorption within the body, providing the opportunity to receive a more effective dose.

Numerous clinical studies have substantiated the efficacy of this technology. Plus, unlike many commercially available formulas, our Evail™ process uses only natural ingredients without potentially harmful surfactants and other undesirable compounds. Our products Berb-Evail™, Curcum-Evail™ and Ubiq-Evail™ not only use Evail Technology for superior bioavailability and absorption, but they do so without additives that are commonly used in the industry to increase absorption and bioavailability. We have used this technology to help improve the opportunity for greater absorption of important herbal extracts and fat-soluble nutrients that many people would otherwise have difficulty absorbing.