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Dr Oscar Coetzee discusses nutrition, psychology & behaviour

Dr Oscar Coetzee discusses the surprising links between nutrition, human psychology and behaviour.

Video Transcript

How Dr Coetzee Got into Nutrition

I was working at Fair Oaks hospital as a drug and alcohol counselor, and suicide intervention specialist. And the head of the department Dr Mark Old was a medical doctor. And at that particular point I’d just finished my Masters and I always wanted to finish a doctorate and he was like,

“What are you planning to do?” Then I’m like, “Well, I got to go do my doctorate in psychology.” And he told me, “Listen, if you’ve been looking at anything from our clinical practice here at Fair Oaks, what is it that you see with most of these people? Most of them are deficient in vitamin B1, B3.”

So he kind of put me on the path to start looking at nutrients and psychology and behaviour and how they interact and that’s what started my whole process to go down that road.

The Link Between Nutrition and Behaviour

So clearly, at that particular point I decided to go into the clinical nutritional field, and I did another Masters in nutrition and then a Doctorate. The other side of that is I didn’t find all the answers with all my clients or patients in just psychotherapy. Sometimes it’s something lacking. Sometimes it’s not about the physical abuse or mental abuse. Sometimes these behavioural things are 100% associated to lacking of an item. And something as simple as a vitamin B6 that converts serotonin to amino tryptophan to a serotonin molecule or dopamine coming from tyrosine; the vitamins and minerals play a massive role in these neurotransmitters as they progress through the pathways that developed them.

What to Look for in Your Supplement Company

As a nutritionist, when you’re looking at obtaining a supplement company to support, I think there’s a couple of things that I can say after 20 years of clinical experience that you want to have.

Number one, you want to have a product line that’s not being sold to the general public that you’re competing with everywhere on Amazon and Google and anywhere that you want to go. That’s very important to me. Because as a nutritionist you’re actually allowed to also run a business and make a profit.

Number two, I feel it’s important to have high quality, well researched products that you know are going to have the result in the application that you set forth. Part of the reason that we have been given the names of quacks and the crazy ones out there as nutritionists and alternative practitioners is because supplements have been touted as this phenomenal thing and people take bad quality supplements that don’t contain the constituents that they are promised and they’re not going to perform.

As a Practitioner – Prescribing the Right Dose

As a matter of fact, they might do the opposite. So when you’re dealing with a nutraceutical company that does it at the level that Designs for Health does, you’re getting a product that it is a pharmaceutical grade; it has the material that you want in there. So as a clinician, your only job now is to determine exactly what dose you need to give to that patient, which I think is a very unique and individual thing. I know there’s standard dosing on things, but one thing as a clinician I feel that you really need to get your dosing down. Because sometimes I’d do more much more dosing than what’s on the recommendation because of the requirement of the patient. Those are the criteria that I always look for.

The Importance of Quality-Driven Products

And many times, when I hear that a client comes into my office telling me, “Well I can buy that online for $20 cheaper,” or whatever, it’s extremely frustrating. As a clinician, we’re not interested for you to go chase prices. But that’s the reality of the world, you know? And I think it’s very important for the practitioners to educate the clients why it’s important to buy a product like Designs for Health. Because of the research behind it. And I think once you educate your clients, they stop looking at the deal. Because what’s your health worth, right? Is it worth 10% savings on vitamin C that has absolutely zero connection to elevating your health versus the other way?

The Benefits of Liposomals and Evail Technology for Superior Absorption

Some Designs for Health products that stand out to me for a couple of reasons are the liposomal products. There’s a lot of people with intestinal gastric issues. So hypochlorhydria, small intestinal bowel absorptive issues, duodenal issues, villi atrophy, etc. So they’re not getting those nutrients into the cell and the digestive tract is compromised because some people have had bariatric surgery, or gastric sleeve surgery.

The digestive processes are very important to bring those supplements and break them down with the liposomals because those absorptive aspects do not happen. And the breakdown of that doesn’t happen in the gastric mucosa that happened further down. It’s easier to assimilate them. Also the fact that you can swill them around in your mouth and get it stimulated a little bit quicker than the opposite directions. That’s why I’m a big, big, big believer in them, because clinically I see a tremendous amount of people with a malabsorptive issues due to hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid or don’t have a stomach or a very compromised stomach.

I love the liposomal products, the liposomal glutathione, liposomal vitamin C, love it!

Then obviously the Evail technology to deliver the nutrients to the cells a little bit better through the proper medium-chain triglycerides, that they use in their formulations are very helpful as well. But I must say from clinical experience the more liposomal products I can use as a clinician, that’s where I see quicker results than anything I’ve ever used.

Source: Live interview with Dr Oscar Coetzee, December 2018, Sydney Australia

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