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Dr David Brady and Dr Oscar Coetzee Introduce the GI-Map Test to Australian Practitioners

GI-Map - Dr Brady - Dr Coetzee

The GI-Map test is a cutting-edge technology, now available to Australian practitioners. Dr David Brady is the Chief Medical Officer of Designs for Health and Diagnostic Solutions Lab, and the Director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in the United States.

Dr Brady will be in Australia to give a series of seminars about some of the latest and best technologies available in assessing the gastrointestinal environment.

He will be speaking specifically on the GI-MAP Test. This is the latest and best quality quantitative PCR molecular methodology available, which looks at the composition of the GI microbiota and segment of the microbiome.

He will also be talking about other related gut health factors. These include a multitude of different gut chemistries that allow a practitioner to see into the individual’s digestion or absorption or immunology, and if they’re having an adverse reaction to any specific dietary peptides. He will elaborate on different markers to look for, for mucosal inflammation, and mucosal hyperpermeability, or Leaky Gut.

Dr Brady will also look, in a very different way, at the autoimmune ‘epidemic’ we are experiencing, and how microbiota composition including pathogens, opportunists, and commensals, trigger systemic diseases which compromise immunity.

How the GI-MAP Test helps the Functional Medicine Practitioner

One of the unique things about the GI-MAP is that it quantitatively gives cutting-edge information, in contrast to some of the ‘direct to consumer’, microbiome tests available, which do not do that.

Dr Brady will outline the true differentiators between GI-MAP and other tests that may have been available previously, and the tests that might be available in the direct to consumer market.

In his lectures, he will highlight the important differences between a quantitative molecular method, compared to a next-gen sequencing method such as GI-MAP, as practitioners do not usually receive training on this type of test.

He will talk about the advantages of actually quantifying the DNA for different organisms that are found because that is what helps the clinician decide that something is genuinely treatable or not.

Clinical experience with GI-Map test in functional medicine practice

Dr David Brady has over 27 years of functional medicine experience. He will be talking about his invaluable experience with specific scenarios from his practice and his involvement in academia and research on treating very complex, chronic, metabolic cases.

You’ll also learn a lot of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that he uses in his group integrative medical practice, using GI-MAP Testing.

Treatment Protocols can be guided by specific GI-Map test results

Dr Brady will outline many of his treatment protocols. Case studies will be presented, which give specific scenarios with patients as well as the duration of treatments. He will speak about how he uses the GI-MAP test to guide him in optimising someone’s GI health and their overall health.

Examining the Evidence and Helping Patients Recover

In addition, Dr Brady will present some other tests a practitioner can consider; he will look at specific interventions, primarily focusing on the autoimmune epidemic.

He will share about the many different autoimmune diseases, and specific patterns and aberrations that he finds in the GI environment, and particularly the GI microbiota composition. How he looks for those triggers, and how different protocols can really impact the long-term outcomes for his patients, when they may be suffering from one of these conditions.

Clinical experience with Designs for Health products

Dr Brady will share his experience of a number of specific products being introduced into the Australian market (with TGA approval) by Designs for Health. These have a long history of both safe and effective use in the United States. He has been using these products for a very long time, and he is not only very familiar with them but was involved in their formulation.

Discussion about some of these products also includes different probiotics, and prebiotics, different resistant starches and other types of dietary modulations that he might additionally use to improve the GI mucosal health.

Inflammation and Leaky Gut markers may be present in a GI-Map test, and he will talk about particular interventions to try and turn these conditions around, with which he has had great success. He’s been using them for quite a while, and he’s excited that he’s able to bring some of these excellent products with a strong track record of efficacy to the Australian market.

Dr Oscar Coetzee shares GI-related case studies

One of Dr Brady’s colleagues, Dr Oscar Coetzee, will also be lecturing at the Seminar and will present many case studies from his practice. He’s an extremely experienced practitioner, and he treats a lot of professional athletes as well as many people with metabolic syndrome and obesity, plus a lot of complex metabolic issues.

Dr Coetzee shares how he uses a lot of the other products that are not necessarily the GI-related products, while Dr Brady focuses more on the GI products in the Seminar.

Dr Coetzee will present a number of case studies, and he will review many of the other products that Designs for Health are bringing initially into the Australian market, and how he utilises those in his practice, including the kind of outcomes that he gets with them, using specific examples.

Source: Interview with Dr David Brady, November 2018 

Designs for Health Australia proudly presented
The Gl-Map Seminar

Learn about the clinical applications and the research behind this new DNA/PCR stool test.

Presented by Dr David Brady, Chief Medical Officer for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratories and Dr Oscar Coetzee, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Associate Professor.


•  This in-depth live seminar recording is now available to view here to DFH Registered Practitioners…

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