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Respected Naturopath and Researcher, Brad McEwen PhD discusses the value of the GI-Map test

Brad McEwan PhD, Naturopath, Herbalist, Educator, Nutritionist and Researcher discusses the value of the GI-Map test in clinical practice and the benefits of the Designs for Health products.

Video Transcript…

The GI-Map test is an essential resource for personalised medicine in clinical practice

00:05 The GI-Map test is a very essential resource in clinical practice, particularly now and in the future, because it really allows for personalised medicine. So, as a practitioner, an educator, we’re always looking for the next step on how we can have better care for our patients, and better results overall. So, what I’m thinking is combining this with clinical practice, we can personalise their medicine more effectively, and really enhance their healing.

00:31 So, the benefits to the patient. Well, if we think about it, a lot of care is very individualised, personalised in what we do as naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists and integrative medicine practitioners. So, by knowing exactly the balance of what’s happening in the person, the metabolic profile.

GI-Map Test results combined with the Case History gives clarity for a patients needs

Combining all this information together with signs and symptoms in how the person presents to us, we can actually get a bigger picture of what the person needs and how they’re going to respond. And using this test mapping effect we can get better clinical results, and it’s sustainable results as well.

01:05 I’m very excited about the Designs of Health products. For clinical practice, there are a lot of products around – and what I like about these products, they’re formulated with scientific literature, as well as the classic traditional knowledge of what we know about nutritional and herbal medicine. The combination is awesome, the studies behind it, the Evail technology of how it improves the absorption into the cell membrane for example, and the cell itself, is revolutionary. It’s great information coming through.

Designs for Health Products enhance Clinical Practice

01:35 And the other thing I like about it, they have the stock standard effects like with the Omega Three, the Turmeric, the Vitamin D, K2, everyone should have some. These are supplements that are really going to enhance clinical practice. The technology behind them and the brains that put them together are beyond fantastic.

Importance of treating Gut Health

01:54 One of the main areas, of course, is gut health that we see a lot in clinical practice. The GI-Mapping tool is very essential for us to work out the best course of treatment. And a lot of supplements combine the nutrients and herbal medicines to actually complement that process. So, you get the test results, you take the clinical case, and it’s like marrying up the process and working out the best formulas.

02:18 The formulas that we’re looking at, particularly Designs for Health, are specifically designed for the betterment of care. And based a lot on, like I was saying before, scientific and traditional knowledge, and also clinical results. So, combining the two together provides far better clinical results.

Source: Live interview with Brad McEwen PhD, December 2018, Sydney Australia

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