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Dr Oscar Coetzee Shares His Experience…
and a New Approach to Mental Health

“As a fellow professional who has journeyed from criminal psychology to a holistic and functional approach to healthcare, I’ve gathered groundbreaking insights and strategies I am eager to share with you.
This Masterclass delves into “psycho-nutrigenomics” – a triad linking psychology, nutrition, and genomics crucial for modern mental health.”
~ Dr Coetzee

The Future of Mental Healthcare Is Important For Us All

Enhance your practice and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who turn to you for help.
Your path to becoming a leader in mental wellness starts here.

Learn a groundbreaking triad integrating psychology, nutrition, and genomics to transform mental healthcare.

Gain access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools and protocols to elevate your treatment plans.

Emerge renewed, empowered and equipped to achieve the breakthroughs you know are possible.

Acquire advanced techniques for addressing complex mental health cases.

Discover how correcting nutritional imbalances can aid addiction treatment and recovery.

Master strategies to identify and resolve the mental impacts of chronic conditions.

Learn how to leverage psychobiotics and the gut-brain axis into mental health treatment plans.

Participate in an inspiring community of practitioners reimagining the future of mental healthcare.