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CASI 2021 On-Demand Education
Exclusive for Australian & New Zealand Practitioners
Including Two Online Event Review Panel Sessions

The Age Of Longevity:

Clinical Insights And Practical Approaches To Better Patient Outcomes

The Age Of Longevity:

Clinical Insights And Practical Approaches To Better Patient Outcomes

CASI 2021 Symposium  |  Presentation Agenda

Part One Presentations

CASI Introduction

with David M. Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP, FACN
and Jason Bosley-Smith, Director of Education, Designs for Health, Inc.

KEYNOTE: The End of Alzheimer’s: Preventing & Reversing Cognitive Decline

Dale Bredesen, MD

Based on his paradigm-shifting protocol and book, which offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline, Dale Bredesen, MD, will provide a new model for addressing cognitive impairment.  Revealing that AD is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but three, Dr. Bredesen’s presentation will outline 36 metabolic factors (micronutrients, hormone levels, sleep) that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain. From this new understanding, Dr. Bredesen will identify how to rebalance these factors using lifestyle modifications and targeted nutritional compounds.

The Potential Benefits of Targeted Nutrients in Oncology Outcomes

Anders Jakobsen, MD, DMSc

Dr. Jakobsen brings extensive cancer research experience as a principal investigator in several clinical investigations, including phase I, II, and III trials. In this presentation, Dr. Jakobsen will explore the potential for targeted nutrients in cancer outcomes and translate his recent findings for clinical application. Special attention will be paid to the anti-angiogenic effect of tocotrienols and the current status of tocotrienol as an adjunct in cancer treatment.

Senolytics Therapies to Address Cell Senescence

Edwin Lee, MD, F.A.C.E.

Senolytics represent the future of medicine that addresses the mother of all diseases: ageing. Dr. Edwin Lee will dive deep into an exploration around cell senescence and the potential of senolytic therapies to target the mechanisms and malfunction associated with cellular degradation. A hallmark of aging, senescence is an irreversible form of long-term cell-cycle arrest that plays a role in age-related diseases. The result of this biological process is a gradual deterioration of functional characteristics within cells and their tissues. During his presentation, Dr. Lee will explore the “normal” role of senescence as we age, review recent research on reducing senescence, and discuss clinical trials in senolytic therapy that may point to options for treating chronic diseases associated with aging.

The Synergy of CBD & Supplements for Effective Protocol Design

June Chin, MD

CBD and dietary supplements lie at the intersection of advanced, integrative care, with practitioners seeking proven protocols to leverage the synergy between these two classes of powerful, clinical tools. Having lived and practiced medicine in California for over a decade, a state with legalized medical cannabis since 1996, Dr. June Chin has extensive experience in the application of CBD and cannabis across a spectrum of pathologies. This presentation will focus on the importance of combining CBD and supplements for ensuring clinical efficacy and beneficial outcomes in a variety of chronic conditions. Dr. Chin will provide the support for pairing CBD with distinct nutraceuticals in specific clinical presentations, and will carry this evidence over to application, providing a series of dynamic protocols in an interactive breakout session.

Designing Effective Protocols Using Phytocannabinoids and Dietary Supplements

June Chin, MD

Clinical Round Presentation

Nutrigenomics and Precision Lifestyle Medicine


Clinical Round Presentation

Online Panel Review Session

Engaging online panel discussions with expert local practitioners. This session highlight and discusses key points and clinical pearls from part one’s presentations.

Part Two Presentations

KEYNOTE: The Cell Danger Response and The Rising Tide of Chronic Disease

Robert Naviaux, MD

The cell danger response (CDR) is the evolutionarily conserved metabolic response that protects cells and hosts from harm. It is triggered by encounters with chemical, physical, or biological threats that exceed the cellular capacity for homeostasis. The resulting metabolic mismatch between available resources and functional capacity produces a cascade of changes in cellular electron flow, oxygen consumption, redox, membrane fluidity, lipid dynamics, bioenergetics, carbon and sulphur resource allocation, protein folding and aggregation, vitamin availability, and other molecular perturbations. An understanding of the CDR permits us to reframe old concepts of pathogenesis for a broad array of chronic, developmental, autoimmune, and degenerative disorders. Based on his extensive research findings and landmark publication, Dr. Robert Naviaux will illuminate the clinical implications of the cell danger response to patient intervention.

Emerging Evidence: Tocotrienol in Metabolic Syndrome

Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD

Identify the current state of science on vitamin E tocotrienols and potential contraindications. Apply clinical knowledge of tocotrienol’s benefits relevant to cardiovascular health, metabolic health (diabetes/pre-diabetes, fatty liver), anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation Recommend dosages for people with and without health issues.

Early Life & Epigenetics – Priming Health in Pediatrics

Elisa Song, MD

Healthy ageing begins in utero and is strongly influenced throughout childhood via epigenetic mechanisms that program and set the stage for long-term health. In this captivating session, holistic paediatric specialist Elisa Song, MD will examine the variety of influential factors practitioners should consider when working with families to prime health in paediatric populations. Dr. Song will frame prevention and intervention in a functional medicine context, and discuss clinical care options for food allergies/sensitivities, gastrointestinal disorders, environmental illness, and more, guiding clinicians to develop care plans that drive healthy growth and development.

Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique

Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Intermittent fasting (IF) has garnered robust media attention and clinical examination over the past several years, with many patients attempting to implement this dietary therapy into their daily lives. Studies point to intermittent fasting as having the potential to significantly enhance metabolic health and longevity in animal models as well as human clinicals. What does the latest research indicate regarding IF and perhaps more importantly, how can practitioners implement this dietary approach in a safe and effective manner? Discover the evidence and application of IF with Cynthia Thurlow, NP. In this in-depth exploration of IF, Cynthia will share clinical insights for effective adoption of IF and highlight important contraindications as well as innovative nutritional strategies to increase adherence and avoid nutrient deficiencies/insufficiencies.

Novel Strategies for Bone & Muscle Preservation in Ageing Populations

Ben Greenfield

Sarcopenia and osteoporosis are increasingly prevalent conditions which can lead to significant healthcare costs and disability. Osteoporosis is estimated to affect 200 million women worldwide, while sarcopenia occurs in over 20% of persons aged 65 to 70 years and over 50% for those older than 80 years. The increase in the aging population and chronic disease rates serve as a precursor to muscle and bone loss, increasing risk of frailty. This loss of tissue integrity is not relegated to the elderly, as a progressive loss of muscle mass occurs from approximately 40 years of age, and reduction in bone density can also occur at middle age. Ben Greenfield, exercise physiologist, biomechanics specialist, and competitive endurance athlete, will shed light on a host of novel strategies for preserving function during this captivating session. Ben will share his unique perspective from experiential practice, informed by the scientific literature, to provide attendees with real-world interventions that include novel nutritional compounds and unique physical practices.

Functional Medicine Considerations in Pediatrics

Elisa Song, MD

Clinical Round Presentation – Objectives:

    1. Discuss the key functional medicine imbalances in children
    2. Learn dosage considerations in children
    3. Discuss creative ways to get children to take supplements
    4. How to help children and parents implement a functional medicine plan

Dietary Applications for Healthy Ageing

Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Clinical Round Presentation

 Online Panel Review Session

Engaging online panel discussions with expert local practitioners. This session highlight and discusses key points and clinical pearls from part two’s presentations.

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