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Carolyn Ledowsky, Naturopath discusses the Value of the GI-Map Test

Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist; Carolyn Ledowsky discusses the value of the GI-Map test in clinical practice and the benefits of the Designs for Health products.

Video Transcript…

The GI-Map test is very impressive. It’s been a long time coming for us to be able to see a lot more information and certainly, in my practice I look at the genetic components, I really want to see what’s good and bad with the gut not just what’s good. There’s a lot of application here for the GI-Map – it is relevant for most of our patients. It’s nice to understand it, to actually understand the nitty gritty is really good.

The GI-Map test is relevant for all of our patients

The suitability of the GI-Map to all our patients is because you’re getting a lot more information and I like the way that they’re talking about your biome may not giving us the right information. I came to that conclusion many years ago. People were doing tests and putting them on your desk and then you think, well how do I use this? Now I think the GI-Map test is relevant on many different levels.

Patient explanations support their understanding of what the test results mean

01:08  The important thing is we’ve got to be able to go through each of the categories, and I spent a lot of time talking biochemistry, going through results and explaining what they mean. There’s a lot of relevance there when it comes to your inflammatory markers and here’s the bacteria and this is the effect. We can see perhaps from an information point of view or an increased cytokines or whatever. I think if we get more information with the studies around it and how we can talk to our patients and back it up with medical science, I think that’s really powerful stuff.

Designs for Health products

01:41 I already use Designs for Health products for my company in the US. I know them and I like them, and I think it’s about time we have some really good different antimicrobial products. It just gives us a bigger range of products now to be able to integrate into the products we’ve already got.

I like the digestive enzymes with the betaine hydrochloride in it. I’ve been looking for something like that for quite some time so it’s nice that, because I didn’t think you could actually integrate the two, so I’m interested to see how that is from an application point of view with our patients. Fewer pills are better, leading to more compliance.

The GI-Map Seminar

Quality of the seminar is really good. As naturopaths, we’re so highly trained now that this is the sort of level of presentation that we’re looking for and I really like it. I love biochemistry so the more biochemistry we’ve got, I think the better.

Source: Live interview with Carolyn Ledowsky ND, December 2018, Sydney Australia

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Gl-Map Seminar

Learn about the clinical applications and the research behind this new DNA/PCR stool test.

Presented by Dr David Brady, Chief Medical Officer for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratories and Dr Oscar Coetzee, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Associate Professor.


•  This in-depth live seminar was recorded and will be available in early 2019 to DFH Registered Practitioners…

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